How To Give A Cat A Bath ?

Showering a cat…

Although you probably wouldn’t put the phrases “cat” and “bathtub” collectively in the identical sentence (until it additionally included the phrase “by no means!”), bathing a cat will be executed — some honestly prefer it, and typically it is a necessity.

Why would you possibly must bathe a cat?

Most cats, in most conditions, are relatively fastidious of their grooming practices. There aren’t many explanations of why you’d want to wash your cat. Nevertheless, there are several eventualities the place you would possibly end up needing to take action.

Ringworm — That is indeed a fungus, reasonably than a worm. Relying on the severity of your cat’s case and other elements, your vet might prescribe medicated baths.


  • Flea infestations — Baths aren’t sometimes crucial for cats with fleas, as many of the newer flea remedies will kill fleas quickly. That stated, in very unhealthy infestations and cats with flea allergy symptoms, baths could be helpful and even crucial.
  • Must get one thing off their coat — examples embrace pyrethrin/permethrin flea killing merchandise (which may trigger devastating tremors), motor oil or gasoline, antifreeze, potpourri, tree sap, and others.
  • Overweight cats or arthritic cats — These cats could also be unable to groom themselves correctly and totally, and so may have occasional baths to maintain their coat and pores and skin wholesome. Arthritic cats might even respect the bathtub, as the nice and cozy water and the therapeutic massage of lathering the shampoo can genuinely feel reasonably competent.

Grooming your cat in between baths is an excellent time to test for fleas, take extra fur, and construct a more durable bond through brushing.

To wash your cat, it’s vital to get all provides prepared first and have a plan.

You’ll want some tasty treats that your helper can use to reward (and bribe) your cat with.

Seize a pitcher or removable bathe head, pet-specific shampoo, and loads of towels.

Utilizing your sink or a laundry basket/Rubbermaid tub in your bathtub, lay down a towel, non-slip bathtub mat, or perhaps a minimize up yoga mat so your cat gained’t freak out because of a slippery floor.

Partially fill (just some inches) with heat water (not too scorching).

Gently place and maintain your cat there, whereas your helper makes use of the pitcher to get your cat’s coat moist.

Lather with pet-specific shampoo (your vet might prescribe a selected one, mainly if the bathtub is critical for medical causes — like ringworm)

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo off utilizing the pitcher or bathe head (use a low circulate price to not scare your cat).

Completely dry your cat utilizing a collection of towels. Don’t use a blow dryer until your cat is already accustomed to it… or until you don’t worth the pores and skin in your arms and face.

The Finest Brush for Cats

They were brushing earlier than bathing is useful to forestall mats and tangles in your cat’s fur. We have discovered that the Furbliss silicone brushes are among the many most elegant choices for almost any cat. They arrive in a range sizes and types, so there’s one for each cat, no matter their dimension and quantity (and size) of fur they’ve. Every brush has two sides for various functions: a brush facet for combing and grooming, plus a fascinating aspect that is nice for de-shedding. Since they’re manufactured from silicone, they’re gentle, simple to make use of, and cats genuinely benefit from the massaging feeling of being brushed. Plus, they are often washed underneath working water or sterilized within the dishwasher. This additionally means you need to use them within the bathtub to shampoo your cat and de-tangle their fur as they’re being bathed.


Treats to Give Your Cat Earlier than and After Baths

Greenies are sweet, low-calorie treats (at only 1.25 energy per deal with) that additionally assist clear your cat’s enamel, plus cats love them. The Life Necessities freeze-dried rooster gifts are a giant hit with many cats, are also low in energy, and are excessive in protein.

Our Favourite Provides for Giving a Cat a Bathtub

The Finest Tubs for Cats

Cats will typically really feel extra uncovered and frightened in a big bathtub. A straightforward answer is to make use of a sink, which can make your cat feel safer and probably be more honest in your again since you do not have to lean over a bath. If a sink is not sensible, otherwise you simply do not wish to bathe your cat the place you wash your dishes, a toddler bathtub will work simply as properly. (It most likely goes without saying, however, keep away from the inflatable tubs since, you already know, cats have sharp claws, and people claws can only, and ultimately, deflate an inflatable bathtub.) Wherever you bathe your cat, remember to give them loads of traction by putting a towel on the underside of the sink, child tub, or standard tub.


The Finest Shampoo for Cats

Do not use human shampoo in your cat because it may dry out or, in any other case, hurt their pores and skin. As a substitute, strive one of many shampoos listed beneath, that is nice for cats (and canine).


Or, if an everyday bathtub is simply too tricky in your cat — mentally or bodily — you need to use a waterless shampoo like this one.

For extra of the small print about why human shampoos (and even dish cleaning soap) aren’t lovely choices for routine cat bathing, try “Shampoo For Your Pet – Which Variety Ought to You NOT Use?”

Pheromones to Calm Your Cat Throughout Baths

A pheromone diffuser can go a great distance towards calming a cat that can freak out a couple of bathtubs. Attempt plugging on this diffuser within the room, the place you are giving your cat their bath. The pheromone, which mimics the scent that helps calm kittens, might assist take the sting off for an anxious cat.


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