How Do Flea Collars Work ?

Anti flea collar for dogs, how to choose! Insecticide collar or insect repellent! Advantages, disadvantages, efficiency of putting a flea collar on your dog.
The flea collar is probably the oldest form of cat and dog flea on the market. There are many necklaces: plants, essential oils, insecticides, etc. So how do you get there? We will analyze the matter.

Flea collars are accessories that are readily available as they are not intended to penetrate the skin barrier; Therefore, they are available in specialty stores like Auberdog, in pharmacies, and at your vet.

Like many flea collars, there are two types of necklaces: insecticide (which kills insects) and insect repellent (which drives away insects).

Insect repellent collars are made from essential oils or plant extracts. We find geranium and lemongrass, for example. They are not the most effective necklaces on the market. They are used for animals that do not have a significant risk of insect infestation.

The second type of collar is the insecticide, which is made up of more effective chemical agents. One of the most efficient products today is the Seresto necklace from Bayer Laboratories.

Some collars are also active on ticks and others on sand flies (mosquitoes); Therefore, it will be necessary to choose your dog’s collar according to his lifestyle and the parasitic risks he runs.

The main advantage of this type of pest control is its duration of action, and they are useful for several months (between 3 and 6 months). But be careful: the length of effectiveness is not necessarily the same for ticks, mosquitoes and fleas.

Cost is also an argument in favour of necklaces: the relationship between the duration of the action and the price is unbeatable.

Another advantage of the collars is the resistance to water: they are useful even if the dog remains in the water for an extended period (bathing in the sea, water hunting dog).

Worn necklaces can break hair and leave a mark on your neck. This is just an aesthetic drawback… but it should be kept in mind.

Another drawback of collars is security. Not all collars are equipped with safety elastic, or a brake system is retained. These systems are useful and even essential for dogs that have unattended and unattended access to a garden with small bushes or brush, or for hunting dogs. Therefore, if the dog hangs from the branches, there is no risk of strangling or injuring yourself with the flea collar.

The flea collar should be reserved for dogs with a low risk of parasitic infestation, have very little toxicity, but have moderate efficacy. The effectiveness will be more marked using an insecticidal collar.

For both types, the odour is dominant at the beginning of use and fades over time (as does its effectiveness elsewhere).

Be careful not to get caught by the relatively long action time of the collars and forget to renew them. Create an alert on your smartphone or a reminder on your computer or tablet to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In the case of a massive flea infestation, the shape of the collar is not the most suitable. In the attack phase, it will be better to use pipettes, sprays or tablets and in a second step (to avoid reinfestation) use necklaces.

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