How Does Pet Insurance Work ?

If you have a pet, be aware that you are responsible for committing it if it causes a complaint. Besides, you must bear the cost of care if you have an illness or accident. However, keep in mind that you can take out insurance to cover the needs of these animals.
What contracts should be drawn up?

CR included in HRM covers damage that the animal may cause to third parties. Only this guarantee applies only to third parties, so family members are not covered. For them to be so, you must conclude an individual accident guarantee or accident guarantee.

If you are going on vacation and keep your dog or cat, keep in mind that CR does not work, so be sure to check your insurance policy before leaving. HRM also does not provide care in case of animal theft.

If your dog is dangerous, contact the insurer so that he can offer you a specific contract. You should also be aware that the possession of hazardous dogs of categories 1 and 2 depends on the availability of a permit issued by the mayor of your municipality.
Do I need pet health insurance?

They are making a dog, or cat medical insurance will allow you to cover the costs of an accident or even illness. In France, only 4% of pet owners already have insurance for their partner, but these contracts help limit values, which can easily reach thousands of euros.

Just before you start, you need to look at the contract, which often contains several exceptions. For example, hereditary diseases are not covered by mutual health insurance. Some formulas also allow you to have a certain amount of money every year; this amount will be useful to cover the cost of buying products to care for your pet.

Using a mutual animal comparator is useful if you do not have an accurate idea of ​​the contract that you need. This will allow you to get various quotes and make your choice easier.

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