How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

The quantity and frequency of meals depend on your cat’s age, well being, and choice.

Test the pet meals aisle at your native grocery store, and you will find dozens of types of meals to entice your cat. Feed your cat too little or the improper form of meals, and he will not preserve good well being. Feed him an excessive amount of, and he’ll get fats. However, you’ll be able to assist get your cat off on the right paw by establishing standard feeding routines. Though the meals you feed your cat should be full and balanced, the straightforward reply to how typically it’s best to feed him is that there is no direct reply.

Age Makes a Distinction

Kittens require extra meals per pound of physique weight to assist their development than do grownup cats, and subsequently ought to be fed extra typically all through the day. “Rising kittens as much as six months of age could require three meals a day,” says Francis Kallfelz, DVM, Ph.D., board licensed by the American Faculty of Veterinary Vitamin and James Legislation professor of diet at Cornell College Faculty of Veterinary Drugs. “From age six months to maturity, most cats will do effectively when fed two instances a day.”

As soon as the cat turns into a grownup, at about one 12 months, feeding a couple of times a day is acceptable generally. Senior cats, age seven and above, ought to preserve the same feeding routine. “As soon as cats attain maturity, as soon as a day feeding is okay so long as they’re wholesome and don’t have any illness issues suggesting a motive to feed differently,” says Dr. Kallfelz.

The Well being of Your Cat Issues

In case your cat suffers from a well-being drawback resembling diabetes, you could feed him based mostly on every time he’s administered insulin, relying on the sort. “Discuss to your veterinarian,” says Dr. Kallfelz.

In case your cat has hyperthyroidism, he could wish to eat regularly. “Deal with the illness,” says Dr. Kallfelz. “If it’s a treatable drawback, deal with it after which feed your cat usually.”

When a cat ages, his tooth could go unhealthy, or he could develop gum illness, which will make it tough to chew dry meals. “If they get to that time, then provide them canned meals or dry in a finer nugget measurement,” says Dr. Kallfelz. You may as well mash up the dry and blend it with water to make it simpler to chew.

A Greatest Kind of Meals?

Many cat homeowners feed solely dry meals to their felines. “Dry meals are okay so long as it’s full and balanced,” says Dr. Kallfelz. Dehydrated meals could also be inexpensive than canned cat meals and should keep more energizing longer. Cats that eat solely dry meals should be supplied with numerous contemporary water, particularly if they’re liable to creating urinary tract blockages. For all cats, the fixed availability of fresh, clear water is vital.

Canned cat meals are usually about 70 to 80 p.c water, and might be fed along with or as a substitute for dry. Some cats could discover canned meals extra palatable. These cats could devour an excessive amount of if they’re allowed free entry to meals. After all, this may occasionally happen with dry meals as effectively. “Meals with common palatability could also be preferable,” says Dr. Kallfelz. If this can be very palatable, the cat could also be extra more likely to overeat. If it isn’t reasonably so delicious, he could also be much less more likely to overeat.

Tremendous-sizing meals parts aren’t just an issue for folks. Because the feeding directions on pet meals labels are based mostly on the wants of the typical cat, you could be feeding higher than crucial in case your cat’s wishes are decrease than average. Should you feed your cat dry meals, you could present it to him at particular mealtimes in measured portions. Dehydrated meals may also be supplemented with a small number of canned meals to make meals extra enjoyable.

“There is no drawback mixing the two kinds of meals,” says Dr. Kallfelz. “Simply make certain the energy is what your cat wants and less.”

Free feeding dry meals are suitable for the cat who workouts self-control; however, some cats wish to snack, and for them, free food can add as much as additional kilos. “If a cat can preserve his weight, free alternative feeding is okay,” says Dr. Kallfelz. Even dry meals neglected in your cat to free feed must be contemporary, so you should present new meals every day. If free feeding would not work, it’s essential management how a lot they eat. “Several small meals could make them feel much less hungry,” says Dr. Kallfelz. “However, one is okay, nutritionally.”

And this is a helpful trace: In case you have a finicky cat, switching meals often could assist hold from him changing into hooked on just one food plan.

Think about Your Schedule

How typically you feed your cat could rely on your schedule as effectively. Mornings could also be hectic as you get the children off to high school and your self off to work. Beneath these circumstances, feeding your cat could also be simpler within the night when it is quieter and fewer busy. If you’re working around loads within the night, feed your cat within the morning earlier than everybody else is up. Discover a schedule that works for you and your cat – after which hold it constant.

In a multi-cat family, not all cats robotically come when known as for dinner, probably making it tough for some to get meals until it’s neglected regularly. And different cats could eat an excessive amount of when meals are at all times accessible. “You simply must provide you with a plan,” says Dr. Kallfelz. You can possibly feed them individually or in several elements of the home.

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