How to Clean a Dirty Fish Tank ?

For those who tear down a grimy fish tank, you will lose all of the helpful bacterial colonies that remove the animals’ waste. Do not begin over until your tub is in an extraordinarily dangerous situation. Nevertheless, you possibly can clear your current aquarium without utterly breaking it down. With just a little elbow grease and a few natural cleansing supple, your aquarium could be shipshape once more very quickly.


What You may Want

  • Algae scraper/pad
  • Razorblade (plastic blade for acrylic tanks)
  • Bleach
  • Water siphon (gravel vacuum)
  • Bucket (use a brand new bucket that’s for aquarium use solely)
  • Lime remover/glass cleaner (made for aquariums)
  • Filter media
  • Filter brush
  • Outdated tub towels
  • Paper towels
  • Chlorine remover (aquarium water conditioner)


Clear your aquarium within the following order:



  1. Inside glass
  2. Decorations (rocks, crops, and many others.)
  3. Gravel
  4. Exterior glass and fixtures
  5. Filter


Cleansing the Inside Glass

Begin by giving the glass a proper cleansing on the within with an algae pad. There are all kinds of algae scrapers in the marketplace, from long-handled scrubbers to magnetic scrubbers.


Purchase algae pads at a pet store as an alternative of the housewares division of a daily retailer. Though they might look identical, the housewares pads can have cleaning soap or chemical residue. That residue will not matter if you’re cleaning your kitchen sink. However, it may be deadly to your fish.


For cussed residue on the glass, use a razor blade to scrape it off. Take care not to lower your self. In case your aquarium is acrylic, use a plastic razor blade, as customary razors will scratch the acrylic.


Cleansing Decorations and Rocks

As soon as the within the glass is clear, take away rocks, synthetic crops, and decorations which have significant algae progress or are noticeably soiled. Don’t clean them with cleaning soap or detergents. It is very troublesome to take away cleaning soap utterly, and even a hint could be dangerous to fish. Often, an excellent scrub with an algae scraper in heat water will take away the algae and dust from rocks and crops.


For notably cussed cleansing issues, put together a ten p.c bleach resolution and soak the objects for 15 minutes. Scrub any remaining residue off, rinse properly in operating water, and let air-dry to remove residual bleach. Please do not put them again within the aquarium till there isn’t any extra chlorine scent current. You may also rinse them in water that has chlorination (sodium sulphate) added to it to take away the chlorine.


Dwell crops could be bleached to take away algae from them. Nevertheless, stem crops should not be tolerant of bleaching. To bleach stay plants put together a five p.c bleach resolution, soak the vegetables for 2 to a few minutes, then rinse properly.


Go away the rocks, decorations, and crops out of the tank when you vacuum the gravel. That method not one of the particles stirred up from the gravel will decide on them.


Remember to get a brand new bucket and designate it for aquarium use solely. For those who use a bucket that has hand cleaning soap or detergent in it, you might introduce undesirable chemical substances into your aquarium.


Siphon to Clear Aquarium Gravel

Clear the gravel subsequent, by utilizing a water siphon to hoover away the particles. There are many kinds of siphons obtainable, all of which work the identical. The gravel vacuum ought to fire up the gravel and take away particles without sucking up the gravel. Remember to vacuum the complete floor of the gravel totally so that each one particle is eliminated.


The water that’s eliminated with the particles utilizing the gravel vacuum is changed with dechlorinated water, which performs a water change in your aquarium. Be sure the alternative water is a similar temperature as your aquarium water. It is best to unplug your aquarium heater throughout water adjustments to stop it from being uncovered to air because the water stage drops. A 25% water change is an excellent quantity for a month-to-month water change throughout cleansing.


Exterior Glass and Fixtures

As soon as the within of the aquarium is cleaned, clear the hood, mild, tank prime, and outdoors glass. Common glass cleaners include ammonia, which is poisonous to fish. Commonplace lime cleaners are much more vicious. It’s actively instrumental that you use vinegar or a soap designated as aquarium protected, and be sure to rinse the surfaces with transparent damp fabric.


Clear the Filter Two Weeks Later

As soon as the surface is clean, the rocks, crops, and different decorations could also be returned to the tank. Now, wait a few weeks earlier than cleansing the filter. Why wait? The essential cleansing you carried out disturbed the helpful bacterial colonies on the crops, rocks, and gravel.


Thankfully, many helpful microorganisms reside inside the filter media, so you have not utterly upset the ecosystem. Nevertheless, for those who modified the filter on the similar time, you may set off a harmful ammonia spike as a result of there aren’t sufficient helpful micro organism left to remove the toxins.


If in case you have filter media containing carbon, ammonia absorbents, or ion-exchange resins, it must be changed if it is more significant than three weeks previous. After a few weeks, the absorbing qualities of the media have been exhausted, and it not serves its goal.


A medium that acts as a mechanical filter as an alternative of absorbing toxins (i.e. ceramic rings, filter fibre, or sponges) must be gently rinsed to take away particles and returned to the filter as an alternative of changing. If care is taken to make use of water that’s the similar temperature because the aquarium water and the media are shortly returned to the filter, the bacterial colonies rising on them is not going to be misplaced thoroughly.


Remember to wash the filter tubing and different components of the filter meeting. A filter brush will assist filter the sludge that builds up in all of the small crevices.

Ongoing Upkeep

As soon as you have gotten your tank in form, be sure to clear it regularly so it by no means wants a severe spring cleaning once more. Scrape the glass weekly, vacuum the gravel each time you carry out a water change and clean any rocks or crops as quickly as you see particles or algae on them.


Clear the filter month-to-month, both by changing the media or rinsing it. If you are at it, soak your fishnets in a disinfectant resolution to maintain them clear and tender. With routine care, your aquarium will look lovely regularly.

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