How To Entertain A Cat ?


In nature, the cat is a solitary animal whose main occupation is to search for food. But domestic cats don’t have to wonder what they can hunt to fill their bowl. As a result, their activity is significantly reduced. So it’s up to us humans to find something to distract them from filling this lack of exercise!

In the wild, a dozen mice are needed a day to satisfy a cat’s needs. So imagine the time you spend looking for them! This is a lot of “wasted” time for a domestic cat that probably doesn’t need to forage. “In the wild, hunting takes up most of the cat’s waking time. But in the house, in most cases, food magically appears in the bowl at regular intervals, and the cat passes very little time taking food, “informs us doctor Stephan Tardif, a veterinarian in Neurally Sur Seine.” Therefore, to improve a cat’s environment and make it more entertaining, you must compensate for this lack of activity with something so stimulating. ” ”

Develop your hunting instinct

To do this, there are several solutions. The first is to invest in “augmented” bowls or games that will force your cat to search for food and activate his brain to find it. “This activity, far from being a limitation, occupies them, amuses them and develops their intelligence, forcing them to solve small problems,” says Dr Tardif. But you can also divide your cat’s daily ration into several small meals throughout the day and hide the food in different places around the house. Therefore, the cat will be encouraged to come out of its basket to find it.


You can also provide entertainment for your cat through games – there are a host of accessories to try on your cat, ranging from the cork hanging on a door with a rope, to the latest high-tech toy through the timeless feather duster. However, “not all cats respond the same way to play or even different types of toys,” warns Dr Tardif. “This is a learning process: some cats only react to toys if a human being shakes them by it, others can learn to bring objects that are thrown at them, spontaneously. Therefore, you must test various toys to determine which one you prefer. Cat. And if you fear clutter in your home, feel free to put everything in one box!

Outside access

Finally, the most effective way to provide an inexhaustible source of entertainment for your cat is, of course, to have access to the outdoors. According to Dr Tardif, “nothing will replace the kilometers that the cat can travel to inspect its territory”, but access to a balcony, a terrace or even a garden can provide a lot of well-being. However, securing outer space should not be overlooked!

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