How To Entertain A Cat ?

Our cats, we say it over and over, need stimulation! We understood him well and bought him toys; the latest fashion ball (right?), the ultimate plume, the flashing mouse and many others. but let’s be honest: it amuses him for a time (from 5 minutes to 1 day), and if we don’t carefully keep the animal (the toy I listen to!) in a box, during the following week, here he is with one more toy in his arms … (or rather that crowds our inside …).
Yes, our friendly cats tire very quickly, and even more so when they live indoors. And what’s for sure is that regularly buying toys can quickly weigh on long-term finances! Here are some inexpensive and straightforward concepts to entertain your cat!

Well, I would have told you to let the flies in … it is clear that it stimulates them … but hey …

Many concepts to entertain your cat
1- The beautiful cane! … Or the best toy of all

Yes, for starters, I have put together a short video tutorial so you can make the best cat toy, easily and for three times nothing: a cat cane!

A bar (or branch) to which we tie a long elastic thread, to the ultimate of which we simply glue one or two feathers! For my part, I opted for the feathers of a fallow toy! (Yes, when I tell you it is not expensive!). Sometimes even the tip of a cat is enough to drive him crazy!
Of course, it’s about playing with your cat!

2- I have a tip

A few rolls of toilet paper or paper towels do the trick! 2 options: either stick them together or stack them together in a game aid and a discovery board, on which we slide a gift or toy (paper ball, pen cap, clip) toast, definitely!).

3- fishing!

All you need is a container with a little water, in which you can put a toy or two.

For my part, I put two plastic goldfish that I found in La Grande Récrée, for only € 1.50!

4- Shock hiding!

A little bit of nothing often allows you to create a hiding place … like plaid on a chair or in an armchair like here …

… A curtain that rests carelessly on a chair or as in the photograph: my bed! (… where I bothered my cat !!).

5- The circuit!

A chair here, another there, flipped over as you do, followed by a box, a shopping bag in stride … and voila! If it is a very territorial cat (see my vacation article: what kind of care does our cat take?), You will love to discover these new things!

6- The hidden prey!

It is merely a matter of putting a blanket or newspaper on the floor, and sliding one or two toys under it, to create a reduction … while this toy vibrates, voila! You can also let some feathers hang over it.

7- The boxes in all their states!

Sometimes, the natural fact of placing cardboard on the ground is enough to take a second … Then you can have fun nesting two, creating openings … in short, the field of possibilities is enormous!

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